• Hótel Hallormsstaður
  • Hallormsstað
  • 701 Egilsstaðir
  • Sími: 471-2400
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Hallormstaður is located 25 km south of Egilsstadir and is less than half hour drive from Egilsstadir. For amusement it can be mentioned that in past it was considered to be seven hours walk and three hours ride on a good horse.

In the mind of Icelanders Hallormsstadur is an oasis in a land where the wind often blows. But to foreign visitors Hallormstadur is a welcomed change from the naked landscape during their travelling.



Even though Hallormstadur is not mentioned nor is it connected to any big events of the old Icelandic sagas Hallormstadur has always been known. Early on there was a church and rectory there and the land was considered to be vast with mild winters.

The land of Hallormstadur birch woods managed to survive. Even though its existence was often threatened through the centuries and the woods only were a small  part of what it is now.  Around 1900 did the discussion of conservation of the woods in Hallormsstadur reached a serious stage and at the 26th of July 1899 the parliament passed a bill concerning a conservation of Hallormsstadur. At that point started negotiations of the State to buy Hallormstadur and were contracts signed in 1905.


  The appearance of the woods has changed great deal all last century. Many species of trees have been planted for experiment and it is possible to see both in Guttormslundur and the Arboretum many foreign trees. The biggest tree of Iceland is in Hallormsstaður and is it 24,5 m according to official mesurment.

Many hiking paths and trails are in the woods and it is wonderful to enjoy whether it is on horseback, walking or on a cycle.